I am Rosana Levesque

Internet Marketing Consultant

Hi, my name is Rosana Levesque, I have been developing online business since 2004. My passion is to help small business an entrepreneurs make their websites profitable.

What is it exactly what I do?

I help companies by helping them optimize 2 main aspects of their business:

1- I evaluate their website from a technical SEO and user experience point of view and tell you what can be improved and how to do that so they can increase their website traffic, conversion and audience.

2- I evaluate their company’s current processes and find ways they can optimize it, being follow-up systems, tracking and fulfillment.

I guide the company owner’s and their marketing / IT team thru the process. giving them not only the WHATs but the HOWs, so they can take action according to the technology stack they use.

How do I achieve this, you might ask?

I am a researcher by nature, and for more than a decade I have learnt and applied almost every strategy out there, watched spammy strategies rise and flourish, and then crash, sometimes quietly, sometimes taking a lot of websites down with them. Over the years I have developed the mindset and experience to measure what is a solid strategy, and what might go up in flames.
I have learnt no to overreact every time there is a Google Update, or when Facebook changes their policies.
We must observe, understand and adapt to everything in life, and so does our online presence.
I have a background in Chemical Engineering, programming, print and web design, and for the last 15 years, online marketing
This allows me to have a unique visual of a website and its strength from many points of view, from the technical aspects, to search engine optimization, paid advertising, conversion optimization, social media and email marketing.
I understand that it is customers who decide if our website will entertain, educate, inform and finally solve their problems.
This global perspective allows me to make recommendations and take action on aspects that others will be oblivious or ignore, due to lack of understanding, or to make a buck.

My Story

I believe in destiny. I believe somewhere, somehow, we have a mission on the planet and sooner or later this calling will be so strong, your internal voice will be so loud that you will have no other choice than to listen to it and act upon it until its calmed down.

Growing up in Venezuela, in a family of 4 siblings, 3 boys, was full of excitement and adventures. It taught me that I could do anything I wanted. There was no gender bias BS.

Although kind of a tomboy, I also liked to play with dolls and other girlie stuff and I often chose that over messing with the gargantuan ant hill on the park (self preservation? lol), if I felt I wanted to climb the trees and do whatever the boys where doing, no one would tell me “girls don’t do that”.

As any other girl, I liked to imitate my mother, and she read a lot, so I did too.

When I was 6 years old, my mother decided to hire a tutor to come to the house and teach us another language: English. This decision would have such an influence over my life, but to that later.

At about 11 years old, my mother -what a bright woman she is-

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26th December 2018

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31st January 2019

Cross BEP Within 6 Months

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24th February 2019

Acquiring Old Businesses

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