How to Get More Ideas for Your Content in 15 mins Per Week

Finding new ideas for content for blog posts, videos, or social media updates can be very time consuming. You can search on Google, Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media Sites and get lost in a sea of blog posts and information, or you can visit one website, use one tool and get it done in just 15 mins.

Content Marketing is such an amazing way of bringing people to our websites and increase the reach of your social media profiles. But it can also be very time consuming.

Whether you are just starting blogging or have been doing it for a while, you have probably noticed that finding topics can be challenging task.

Tune into Your Customers’ Avatar Shoes.

For this blog post I am going to assume you have your customer avatar well defined and have clear what topics he/she is interested in.

Pull out your Customer Avatar’s persona definition sheet and have it in front of you. Read it a couple of times and try to put yourself in his/her shoes.

Set your timer for 15 mins and Go!

Brainstorm Ideas for Your Blog Posts

You can do your brainstorming session by yourself or if you are lucky, with your business partner, or team members.

Offline Brainstorm

Write down as many ideas as you can. Do not overthink it, just empty your brain and write them down.

Online Brainstorm

There are so many ways of finding new ideas online.

You can choose from the all time-consuming Google search and Social Media browsing that will suck you in until sometime next week, or until you forgot what you were doing, or you can streamline your process and find inspiration for your blog posts and videos in just a matter of minutes.

The solution:

I looove feedly. com. After an initial setup of maybe 15 minutes, it takes me a max of 15 minutes to find ideas for my content marketing every week. all in one place. No shiny object syndrome. I browse my collections, see what’s going on there, save the ones that interest me and done.

Organizing Your Ideas

There are many ways of organizing your ideas.

You can use a Post Board, and colored post-it notes, using the different colors for the different categories or topics. Arrange the post-its on the Poster Board or a White or Cork Board, use whatever suits you best. The Poster Board idea is a genius one, as you can save this Poster Board with all the post-its on it, roll it up and save it as an archive, you can pull it out later and review what worked and what didn’t.

You can use a White Board and write the ideas directly on it. Drawbacks of this technique is you can run out of space easily and you cannot erase it until you have transferred all of your ideas to your Content Management System, aka. WordPress.

You can use a Notebook and either write your ideas on paper, or apply the technique of the Post-It notes to organize your ideas. I love using post-it notes on my notebook. It’s portable and I can reference anytime, wherever I go.

Our you can use an online tool to organize your ideas from conception all the way thru execution.

If everything went ok, you must have a good amount of ideas for your weekly blog posts, stored on or offline. Now its time to do something with them.

Moving Forward: Content Marketing Schedule

It is not enough to have a neatly or messily organized brain dump of amazing ideas. You gotta do something with them.

If you are creating content for your blog, you can create your own organized system, and if you are the only writing for your blog, you could easily just use Draft posts as a way to manage your content marketing schedule. Or you could install a Content Calendar Scheduling plugin.

And then abide by it. Sit down and write your blog post, add some pictures, a call to action, or record your video and post it on Facebook , or Youtube, embed it on your website, and then promote the heck out of your content.

Whichever option you choose, the success of your content marketing strategy will rely on you not leaving half-built bridges.

Congratulations! By now you have planned your content for the next week or month and if you stay on course, you will be much closer to your online goals.