If you just created your website, or your website has been live for a while and traffic is just not where you want it to be, and without website traffic (aka customers) to have a business, right?

In this article, I will be discussing a series of techniques you can use to get traffic to your website so you can start collecting results and make changes that will help you make it better every day.

Before Getting Started

Just like you wouldn’t invite people over to a house that is half-built, with nails laying around, no walls or a bathroom, you shouldn’t bring traffic to your website if it is not REALLY ready for visitors.

I am not saying your website needs to be 100% where you want it to be, but it would be a waste of your time and money to send free or paid traffic to w broken website, or a site that doesn’t have a way of monetizing the traffic you are sending.

At first is best to use all of that energy and excitement to getting the basic pages ready, you will feel better about it. If you are unsure about what to do, read my 10 Step Checklist For a Successful Website Launch.

You can also read my article about How to Build Your Email List Before a Launch, if that’s the strategy you are using.

  1. Paid Advertising (The Fastest Way To Bring Traffic To Your Site)
  2. Social Networks (Start Promoting Your Content)
  3. SEO (Make Google Love Your Site)
  4. Influencers (Piggy Back on Their Popularity)
  5. Guest Posting (Ask and Invite)
  6. Contests (Create or Enter One)
  7. Get in The Local Directories()
  8. Spy On Your Competitors
  9. Do you have an (email) list? Use it!