3 Ways To Make Mondays The Best Day of Your Week

Why do people hate Mondays? I have never been able to understand that. What are they doing with their lives? What type of life are they living where Mondays are such a drag?

If you are a Monday Hater, I’m sorry to rain on your pity party, but…


Why? Mondays are full of opportunities, on any Monday, you can:

Hit the reset button. If you are working on a project, either personal or professional, you can always count on Mondays. If you are trying to hit a goal but for some reason last week didn’t go the way you thought, being working out every day, eating healthier, meditating every morning, be more patient with your kids, take them to the park 3 times per week, whatever it is your heart is calling you to do but for some reason you fell out of the wagon, Mondays are the perfect day to reset your mind and body to start over.

Start Anything You Want. Call me silly but for me, Mondays are like Magic. It’s like you get a  fresh start to what can turn to be a an Amazing Week. When you have so many projects in your head that can make you lose your focus, Mondays come like my knight in shiny armor, yielding the sword of let’s get organized, focus and cut on the crap of not getting anything done because of the world’s absolute need for 24/7 interconnecting thru electronic devices. And you and I know that if we follow these commands, we can and we will accomplish almost anything we set ourselves to do this week.

Monday Magic can and will happen for you, just remember…


I’m not a fan of “winging” things. As a matter of fact, I HATE that word. To me, “winging it” means…

… you are not serious about it.

… you are not committed at all.

… you are determined to fail at it. (and you know it)

One more cliche for you here…


I cannot emphasize this enough. If you really want for THIS THING to happen, you HAVE TO plan ahead.

How can you get anywhere without a road, or a map?

The consequences of not having a plan of action …

… you will get distracted… fast

… it will take double, triple, quadruple to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to accomplish

… if you finally get THERE, you will probably have no idea how you got there, so there is no way you can replicate this


And success in business and in life is based in your ability of continuously repeating actions, especially the ones that have brought great results.

But how do you start? Where do you start?

Everyone is different, but I’ll tell you what I do:

First, on Sunday mornings, I clean and organize my space: my office desk, my house.

I like to start with a neat environment, when I enter my office or I look at my living room and everything is in place, I feel relaxed.

A neat space, even if just for an hour or two, even if I know the next day I will have a  pile of product samples on my desk, or Hatchimals and Barbies lying on my living room floor, at least on Sunday mornings, when I am planning my week, I feel that I might be doing something good, because my house looks good.


Something needs to be said about balance and priorities.

Last year I was in a seminar where we had to rank from 1 to 8 all of the aspects of our life (From personal relationships, career and your relationship with yourself). We had to rank them in terms of IMPORTANCE to us and in terms of CURRENT STATUS.

It was an eye opening. I realized some areas of my life that I claim to be important to me were actually not doing well .

The plan was to have your daily, weekly, monthly routine reflect that order of importance, prioritize what’s most important to you and nothing that matters will be neglected, and your life will flow in a way that will make you feel accomplished.




For my consulting practice, I plan my 3 blog posts and 5 live videos for the week as my goal, so I do a Sunday morning brain dump: I decide on a topic and a few points that I want to make on each one of them.

For my personal health, the plan is laid out for me: I am in a 80 day training program where I workout 6 days per week and my nutrition is already decided, so all I have to do is to make the menu AND prepare my meals for the week, from snacks to lunches.

For my 9 to 5 work, I review what I was working on last week and plan to complete those tasks in order of importance: Launch that flash sale, keep writing that long piece of content that will be the basis of that whole other campaign for the next week, add those testimonials to the websites.


Using that method of prioritization and planning on your weekly preparation can and will do wonders to the way you face the beginning of the week.

Because you know what’s important, you know what you will tackle first, you will have created a plan, and that’s half the battle.